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Remote Control Using an Android

par rwannoux

White-mote, a dedicated remote control for White Cat, that depends on Win-Remote

Win-remote can remotely control various software applications on your computer. There is a dedicated remote control for White Cat called White-Mote. You can download the software to use on your android device at the Win-Remote store. Once installed and running, you can install White-Mote from the remote market. You also need to install the software on the computer Win-Remote will service. here

For the operation of win-remote: the win-remote wiki

White-Mote has 3 pages:
The first lets you control channels and intensities.

The second provides some functions for handling the sequential memory (CueList)

The third allows the opening of the Patch window, the selection and assignment of channels and dimmers.

Matching Keys and Keyboard

page 1 Channels and Intensities
key keyboard
numbers 0 à 9 numbers 0 à 9
slider to the left up and down arrows (slide up or down)
B.O.(black out) F12
clear escape
@ full i
@ 0 o
@ return
Ch+ +
Ch- -
thru tab
page 2 Memories and CueList
key keyboard
numbers 0 à 9 numbers 0 à 9
. .
in time K
out time J
in+out L
D.in [SHIFT][K]
D.out [SHIFT][J]
Delay [SHIFT][L]
store [CTRL][F1] plus [RETURN]
create [SHIFT][F1] plus [RETURN]
stage- [CTRL][W]* [CTRL][Z] on Eng Kybd
stage+ [CTRL][X]
preset- [SHIFT][W]* [SHIFT][Z] on Eng Kybd
preset+ [SHIFT][X]
page 3 patch and check
key keyboard
numbers 0 à 9 numbers 0 à 9
open/close patch [SHIFT][P]
ch+ +
ch- -
dim+ [SHIFT][+]
dim- [SHIFT][-]
dim. thru [SHIFT][TAB]
affect [SHIFT][ENTER]
clear escape puis [SHIFT][escape]
check ch- [CTRL][←]
check ch+ [CTRL][→]
check dim- [SHIFT][←]
check dim+ [SHIFT][→]

It is important to note a few things:

On the second page, the “store” and “create” sends the command to create/modify memory and THEN RETURN to confirm the action.

In the third page the “clear” clears the selection AND the assignment of dimmers to channels.

The button to “open/close patch” sometimes opens the numpad instead of the patch (pressing [SHIFT] can sometimes get lost).

Communicating between an android device and a PC using wi-fi Connectify

Whatever application you use as your remote control, you now need to communicate between your android phone and your computer. Most of these type of applications use wi-fi to do this. If you are in an area with a router and your computer and your androphone are all connected to the same network, no problem. On the other hand, if you are somewhere without a network, and even without 3G, it becomes problematic. Android cannot use an ad hoc network.
There is however a software program that allows you to create a new wireless network to which you can connect your androphone: it is called Connectify .

you can download it here
support for Connectify is here

Attention: Connectify generates a specific IP address to your computer, you can find it by opening the Network and Sharing Center and click the Connectify connection (which should be called “Wireless Network Connection 2”) and go to the Properties of the TCP/IP “details”.

Other applications that can send keyboard commands

Gpadis also a set of remotes. Lakhtdcd (a user of White Cat) created a pad called “whitecat channel” and I had also made a pad called “whitepad.” Gpad does not work on my HTC wildfire since their last update. (March 2012). wiki page Rwanoux

wiki page by Rwanoux

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