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Actual State of Development

Known Bugs


  • bizarre behavior of loops and cues: small audio files can cause bizarre behavior in loop or cue mode + in loop mode if you have a sound file that is not 44100hz AND you use the pre-load method (menu [MAIN CFG]> General). To be continued.
  • Next Sound File: midi sent too fast can cause a crash of White Cat.


  • name of plan using spaces creates a problem in the reading of data from the plot (pb de scanf)
  • Counting of projectors: there is a problem.
  • Patching live from the plan: We'll have to look more closely at this. There is something between the manipulation of circuits and symbols that can cause a problem when the patch is taken from the plot. If anyone finds this problem and can trace it, it would be greatly appreciated.


  • Time of memories in minutes: appearing as seconds.
  • ASCII congo v6: automatic linking of memories (instead of moving from 2 to 3 alone, the cat goes from 3 to 4 alone)


  • Insert memories: this disappears FROM MEMORY.


  • Setting the fader ratio manually can prevent the mouse click on the GO or use of the spacebar from starting the cue.
  • Some crossfades show negative times (does not affect performance, it is a display problem)


  • Review the entire communication system to make it more fluid.


  • ArtPoll (search for Art-Net nodes on the network) no longer works.


-Mover For enslaving moving lights

-channel times

-wizard: include faders, but also dynamic content in the channel functions

-function pick up (pick a specific chaser, precise fader, a config icat midi or in another show)

-Go to 1024 circuits

-add 16 bits for crossfades

-mapping customizable keyboard

-a universal midi mapper with integrated presets



  • Use FTDI drivers for faster communication
  • CFG: Assign COM Port numbers by hand, not automatically (especially for ENTTEC PRO MK2)

Revision History

0.8.6, May 6, 2014

0.8.6 Spring Power


performance: * White Cat now runs on ultra portable and small machines, thanks to the efforts of Anton, and Georges Ruiserge

Backups and Layouts: * A backup even named WhiteCat Teleco Phone allows you to have in hand a set configured for iCat and Touch OSC, with most of the necessary functions for a concert. * Creation of 2 layouts (one for phone, Tablet) for TouchOSC in the Resources folder / TouchOSC /

audio: * Smoothing of Stop Audio players, crests disappearance of the crests.

Banger: * Adding Loop functions for a live recording of manual manipulation. You can record live DRAW and all faders movement.

opensource: * Github waiting for you, if you want to help us spread White Cat in the Linux world and Mac! Github WhiteCat


   * Plot counting projectors    * Window Manager    * Command midi Next/Prev file no longer crashes White Cat    * Draw, October 11, 2013


* CFG NETWORK: If the server or the client was not artnet ON, was crashing White Cat to rescan (pb IP addresses do not appear)

* Audio Bug cleaned on spitting. We returned to a linear curve.


* Proc. visual CueList

0.8.4, 21 July 2013

First release 14 July

WHITE CAT becomes OPEN SOURCE and the licensing system disappears ! And yes White Cat will remain free!

  • DRAW
  • ECHO


  • WHITE CAT becomes OPEN SOURCE and the system of licensing disappears! And yes White Cat is and will remain free!


  • improved reception of ART-NET, disappearance of parameters in MAIN LOOP. The processor has problems on small machines, but the reception in art-net is now perfect.


  • with the save/load selected, there needs to be more midi presets folder, this option is now removed.


  • withdrawal of DMX interfaces Velleman (catastrophic) and DMX512USB of Vinci's. The Arduino can now be USED AS an economic DMX interface, or use Art-Net, or use ENTTEC OPEN (Nano and 2009 FTDI driver only) or the ENTTEC Pro or SUNLITE.


  • Adding a function to copy from one banger to another
  • Adding category DRAW
  • Adding category ECHO
  • category Windows> addition of windows and windows reorganization. If you use this function in a previous version, it will review your encoding.
  • Sequences category> GO addition of a function to be a BB in a MEM SET PRESET and GO
  • Sequences category> addition of a function to Set in Blind the memory OnStage (Val2 = 0) or Blind/PReset (Val2 = 1)
  • Adding erasing a banger by F4
  • GridPlayers: Snap fader, next Step, previous step
  • Draw : Snap Fader or GridPlayer
  • Faders: Set Fader as DCHan / Set Channel at Full / Set Channel At 0


  • confirmation window: Message bigger.

Fs iCAT:

  • horizontal orientation: reversible. When loading an old project, the error window will appear, but nothing bad occurs.
  • fader text bigger.


  • Addition of a snap fader function to save a step in the output of an active fader (allows connection with dynamic content such as Draw, the trichromatic, etc …)


  • When you edit the channel number of a symbol, the channel is selected.
  • audio cues have been optimized.
  • removal of MAIN LOOP parameters to gain fluidity in the procedures
  • display long filenames in the audio window (overflow space window)
  • shorter window
  • Display two screens: the height of the menu bar will not block the mouse manipulations on the second screen
  • improved layout display of midi devices.


  • improving the algorithm of sound, addition of the buttons Next and Previous Track and the modes Autoload and AutoPause


  • Flattening the initialization of the network cards. When Art-Net was not engaged, network cards did not appear

Making a rescan was crashing WCAT


  • on some machines with graphics cards that do not support it, a call to SAVE WCAT was crashing the program.


  • releasing the mouse on the fader or Cuelist faders deselected them.


  • Help appears now, whatever the working directory White Cat (for my friend Alain ;-)). Using no longer blocks White Cat.


  • clearing a dock: the levels previously set by the dock stay when the dock is reassigned to another dynamic source.


  • when a channel is deselected with the mouse or keyboard that channel appears as the last_ch_selected


  • disappearance of the windows after a bang or mouse actions
  • disappearance of windows following consecutive clicks on the MENUS button
  • significant improvements (code cleanup) on the display.


  • recording, or changing color in a dock circuit needs to have F1 / F2 or F3 engaged.
  • to assign channels to a dock color must be F1 or F2 or F3.


  • 0.0 the memory is now present, so protect the one in the existing memory CueList.
  • if you do not specify a number, the creation of a memory automatically adds a full memory. This information is not in the confirmation window. See also on the CREATE button.


  • recovery at Memories destroyed by wizard

Fs IcAT:

  • debug button pages and page reloads
  • debug banger keys on remote iPHONE/iPAD. loading 16 views display all channels now.

CHANNEL VIEW: loading 16 views displays all channels now PLOT:

  • breakdowns x y
  • clear patch destroyed the assignments of Channel to symbols


  • bug in 512 channels on last view.


  • debug the algorithm for crossfade when a channel is present in the scene and not on in the preset (crééait flashes on time offset)
  • level display channel flown in the grid.


  • When a chase is set as a slave to the accelerometer behavior is now set right for acceleration, deceleration left.


  • Bug on player2 seek via banger

0.8.3, 28 July 2012

allias Community Release

What's New:
  • LightPlot: a light plot editor integrated into White Cat
  • 16 customizable views of channels to organize this space and make channels work as a group.
  • Quite profound changes in the ergonomic calls to windows and menus, for simplicity and lightness in the general work area
  • Addition of an EXPERT mode to avoid confirmation windows for the experienced user (CFG MENU> General tab)


  • overhaul of network protocols: the remote iPhone/iPad can now coexist with art-net.


  • once the return key, it is tested on all MAC addresses detected. There is no need to select a MAC address with the mouse.


  • Passage DMX procedures and calculations to the accuracy of one hundredth of seconds see CFG MENU> CORE, dmx rate is the number of calculations per second + items. Minimum clean 40fps result. Turn to 100.


  • overhaul of system of windows
  • disappearance of the NAME window: a fixed field displays the text typed (or keystroke) ABOVE all windows.
  • Faders: smoothing “affect to dock” and “F1” for dynamic content. To assign a dynamic content you must now hold down F1 and click the dock together. Check ASSIGN TO DOCK and then engage F1. Likewise, if a dynamic content window has focus, F1 will switch to assign to this specific dock. This simplification has also been extended to the midi Do Order for faders (the small box with a [V] to load directly into the faders.
  • Direct chan: you can also type the channel number without selecting it: Direct Ch On/Ch Num/click dock.
  • Windows navigation: Added PAGE UP key solo and with CTRL
  • Mini-cuelist removed from White Cat.
  • Help window removed from White Cat. Now when we click help, the default web browser is called and Help is displayed on White Cat if it is placed in the root C: directory.
  • Adding a main bar at the top of the screen, condensing the main commands that you need to see.
  • Creating a window MENU to call different the various windows of White Cat with a right click.
  • Disappearance of the NAME window, the NAME mode remains active


  • Channel View: group of channels assignable in midi
  • Channels and Patch: An option to Show First Dimmer is clickable in the patch window. When it is open it appears in the system space used by the first dimming circuit that is assigned to that channel. When there are several circuits assigned to the same channel, a little more is displayed.
  • Patch: simplified input: [1] [+] [45] [SHIFT] [ENTER] gives the dimming circuit 45 to Channel 1.


  • the number of the memory displayed after the preset is editable in CFG menu/General.
  • When typing the time on the keyboard, you can use the JKL keys to directly assign a time to the memory in preset: [5.] [SHIFT] [J] = 5 sec time out. [10.55][SHIFT][K]10.55 seconds time delay IN. J and K were reversed in function.
  • When looping memories (beginning and end of the list of submissions). be careful that the 0.0 memory does not get destroyed.
  • improved accelerometer accelerated position: the algorithm provides a more precise management of time and proportion.
  • GOTO button: type the memory number, press the button.
  • possibility to bypass memories without destroying them. This is a function essentially dedicated to the creation process, when you need to delete a long sequence of memories, but can ultimately keep them. They are editable in the Exclusion List of CueList and can be recalled by typing the memory number and loading the preset.
  • Pressing shift F1 and shift F3 without typing a number of the memory adds a full memory -at the end of the cuelist.
  • Annotation mode is removed from Cuelist. You can edit each of the two lines via F5/NAME. The autoclose is located in the menu window.


  • Extension to 48 sliders, but you will have to re-encode your presets
  • addition of a category of BANGER buttons that replace those of iCat. Addition of images for the bangers, but you have to reload the images from the site's image library
  • porting play/seek/Loop on the embedded audio, chasers and gridplayers
  • gridplayers in the commands of faders.
  • minifaders: porting to play embedded in audio, chasers and griplayers.
  • the selective release so the layout iPHONE and iPAD are retained (choose mode Choice> iCAT only)


  • Category Channel Set> Set Macro ON/OFF.
  • Hardware category management arduino: switch ON OFF a COM port and set baud rate.
  • Addition of minifaders windows and Gridplayers calls in windows
  • Addition of two MIDI functions: Midi On/Off signals of the faders, and a function to refresh (Re-emit ALL Out)
  • Category Midi> Send On/Off midi out of the 24 tracks of the chasers window.
  • Cuelist category> addition of a refresh Stage and refresh Preset, refreshing states for the memories
  • Category Emulate Keyboard (via Banger gateway allows you to create a remote control from the arduino)


  • Anton Langhoff joined the project and spoke on the arduino part. In White Cat the code has been changed, but the old sketches always work. In the folder named ressources, there is a collection of sketches named WhiteKitten. These sketches can no longer edit the script and set arduino parameters on the fly since the inputs and outputs White Cat have changed.
  • Restriction of the baudrate to the values ​​300, 1200, 2400, 4800, 9600, 14400, 19200, 28800, 38400, 57600 or 1152007
  • Changing how buttons function to allow midi to emulation all commands in White Cat.


  • Assignment of midi, thanks to the new ergonomics, does not need the window MenuCFG
  • addition tablet midi out on the speed of the lfo's of the faders.
  • Midi option thru review and filtered.
  • button to activate midi out on the fader outputs and the lfo's of the faders.


  • refresh midi when chasers changed in the chaser window(tracks, on/off, play mode, and timeline cursor marks the beginning and end)
  • autolaunch: Go on the change of docks.


  • Addition of a category Fader Level and Fader LFO Speed ​​in the mode follow> can easily create a swap
  • Addition of a condition: Follow Inv. Works like Follow but produces the opposite result.


  • Faders space: definable width. Improving the system of handles.


  • reorganization of import_export folder: into an ascii file for asc alq and schwz folder for your backup schwarztpeter and a pdf file for the plot where the generated pdf export and export image plot.
  • 4 customizable presets (colored squares) to load/save only selected files.


  • selective export now in 14 major sections
  • addition of a channel view of the patch (patch sheet). The dimmer view remains.

In the PDF export, only patched channels appear in the List.

  • memory refresh on stage with Report (F3)
  • loads of different shows in the same session: midi duties were not branched out appropriately
  • Editing Channel 0 in macros
  • MidiOut on the end of the window chasers
  • copy and paste the numpad keys
  • Color loading user profiles
  • time display of mems in presets (customization of CueList)
  • bug in setting of windows
  • Name autoclose window and new window manager
  • bug esc key
  • bug in scroll-bar of Faders window that could affect faders and functions of their docks
  • export ascii $$ Wait
  • mouse wheel bug with banger
  • patch: lag window selection of a dimmer> at 58
  • patch: bug on selecting multiple dimmers wtih 3-digit numbers
  • ventilation levels if the wheel CMY are not displayed and the command is handled by midi
  • loss of midi assignment after grand master assigned to midi.
  • debug clock hundredth time and assignments
  • autolaunch gridplayer and seek position referred to in Gr1Stp1
  • chasers debug: separate servo speeds
  • Audio: loading an audio file in a loop player blew the loop mode., 24 December 2011

alias Xmas Release

What's New:
 * GridPlayers module developed for the project KeyFrames (Thomas Veyssière Laps Group). This project has successfully met a sacred Festival of Lights in Lyon (2011). [[http://www.groupe-laps.org/keyframes/|Keyframes]]. There are 4 GridPlayers representing 4 Additional cuelists of 1024 cues.
 * GridPlayer 1 in the CueList: an integrated double cuelist to separate light and video.
 * iCAT deck extended to the iPAD (thank you Hugo!)
 * FX modes for each fader: the level from a fader can be reduced, added, etc ... and the overall result is passed to the faders buffer. The light mode can also now be subtractive!
 * possible report of a fader directly in CueList space, whatever the content
 * Creating FGroups: Fader groups, allowing creation of subgroups of faders.
 * Macros channel in the List window, allowing powerful and flexible automation for the channels. Warning, check that CFG Core Macros Channel is active.


  • assignment of midi to each of the 127 bangers (solo call from Live or other)
  • auto-unmute and lfo activated auto mute in the CFG midi (/faders /minifaders/banger/arduino)
  • Optional auto-mute on the accelerometer crossfade: if ever the speed is different from the normal speed, mute triggers.
  • addition of a category of midi cheat: Pad to Trigger
  • midi level wheel is supported for automatic deselection of channels.


  • Direct assignment chan x12 (double-click direct chan)
  • HiPass Mode: When this mode is activated, you can manipulate the levels from the faders (loading channels in a fader dock) by selecting lit channels: they can then be altered using UP-DOWN and the level Wheel.
  • Players in Embedded faders: managing embedded players are all active in the faders (GridPlayers, Audioplayers, Chasers)

CUELIST: * ForceMode for midi (see CFG Menu> General) when GO is in progress, a second GO triggers a jump, not a break. For midi only, destination control of White Cat under Live. * accelerometer does not return to its normal position if the memories are linked (allows you to speed up a sequence of memories.

CORE: * addition of a core config: to limit calculations and displays the number of faders, docks, chasers, chaser's tracks, gridplayers, bangers, and to turn off the calculations. This option allows White Cat be recalibrated to better run on small machines.


  • Assignment mode on the fly: When this mode is triggered, the value of the selected color is applied to the selection (Stage and Blind)
  • Paste Direct Mode in the CueList


  • White Cat set to OnOpen Arduino/ON: Finding com ports for Enttec pro avoids the address specified for the COM PORT arduino. This allows one to start with White Cat Enttec and Arduino connected.


  • Channels: using the mouse to click and hold their selection/deselction, as in Schwartzpeter.
  • possibility to exclude the action of the grand master a selection set of channels.
  • modification of a channel crossfade with the mouse on the arrows or on the level wheel (relative)
  • selection circuits for List + system deselection at level
  • Unfreeze a circuit: the value is copied directly on stage
  • channel macros.


  • mouse wheel to move the order of bangers
  • type the banger number and click the num banger box.
  • banger: the go's of bangers sent in a burst caused a delay in the banger stay-on that was growing.
  • Muting midi did not take into account the type of signal
  • crash bug when using patch selection of dimmer addresses greater than 512 (shift + / shif Tab / Shift -)
  • bug posting fake midi
  • bug auto-mute midi: the type of signal was not taken into account
  • mouse rollover a dock views the contents
  • chasers, chaser in dock, chaser in banger; chaser in banger: sending a forced play repeatedly puts the cursor out of the time line.
  • procedure to display the time on the docks created a memory fault
  • backup: control-S raised concerns
  • toggle mode for midi cheat
  • flash fader in midi remained blocked
  • iCAT CFG: BUG IP assignment with the mouse
  • iCAT: fader slider = 0 debugged
  • Grid: Grid offset change on the fly and the affect on the fader buffer.
  • freeze: the grand master was not missed by freeze.
  • clear a dock containing a link to a dock color (CMY): it is deselected and appears as 0/0
  • Assign to dock Tracking Video debugged
  • iCat page copy on strings
  • copy from mem to mem bug double digit set
  • the mode that assigns the chaser window is deselected automatically closing the window
  • bug selection banger type, or event with the mouse wheel
  • bangers are now calculated before the crossfade in shipments of data (see Arduino and latency go on small machines)
  • assignment of audio dock: the closure of the window mode still active (and barrier to the registration in the docks)
  • wizard: add/reduce bug value when the result was less than 0 or higher than 100
  • gridplayers: taking into account the offset channel to begin loading a memory
  • pdf export: audio player in category banger, 25 August 2011

What's New:
  • System of Midi Mute (both global and local): to reposition faders on unpowered control surfaces, without affecting levels: faders, grand master, Cuelist, etc …
  • iCat for iPod and iPhone (iPad: need a machine to adapt and test the code, anyone can do without one between Paris and Rouen?)
  • banger: iCat category, time category, set channel category, Banger category, MidiMute category.
  • Time window in tap tempo, this time may be extended as a time unit for a chaser.
  • shoutbox on the main page of the site.
  • addition annotation link in the pdf export.
  • baudrate arduino ok now above 9600
  • Ctrl-F3 re-recording a memory on stage with faders
  • CTRL-C CTRL-V can be used with the digital input to quickly copy/paste a memory.
  • CTRL-G assigns the selected channels the value they have in another memory.
  • Delete mem: if there is no digital input for that memory number, then the number on stage or in blind determines the memory destroyed.
  • optimization of CueList displays of time and faders.
  • minifaders: a “-” appears in the minifader when the active dock is empty, refreshing the info of the active dock is done on the fader selected last.
  • minifaders presets: display selected preset, the preset selections comparison of minifaders, display with a “-” if the preset is empty
  • iCat: grand master visual refresh in iCat/performance refreshments.
  • trichromatic: the trichromatic calculations are possible even after the window has been closed. The information return displays the color and the final result of the dock color selected.
  • refining system backup/selective loading.
  • chaser embeded: An Autolaunch function was added to the faders, allowing the play to start the chase.
  • pdf export: Banger completion of various categories (chasers, iCat, time, set channel, Banger , and MidiMute)
  • restructuring calls to windows (grouped visual controls)
  • addition of a backup file for options on start (starting camera/arduino/iCat) on startup of White Cat. This file can be edited manually and is located in the folder /user if you encounter problems starting up the program.
  • relief dlls contained in the White Cat file.
  • move/close a window interragissait with other move/close.
  • baudrate arduino ok now above 9600
  • reset chasers at zero during a seek.
  • clear midi and auto un-assignments cleaned
  • overview of midi display assignments Create Mem/stage + -, midi assignment for audio play, pause, seek etc.
  • banger audio category: SetPitch/setPan /positions CueIN OUT
  • attribution fader curve> 16
  • When the time value on stage or in preset is changed, and the memory reloaded (raised concern whether the unmodified channels were affected) / thank you to verify that all is well in the CueList
  • pdf export, various
  • assignment dock color
  • some of the faders commands could not be controlled with CFG menu.
  • ESC key and menu confirmation (bug v.
  • Full shortcuts and Atzero (I/O) included in automatic deselection
  • minifaders: click Select
  • banger: window/goto fader
  • save: saving/loading of a nonexistent file
  • iCat fader in Direct Channel
  • launchpad (relief procedures)
  • bug out of file backups

0.8.1, 13 July 2011

What's New:
  • iCat Module

This version was an alpha release without debugs.

0.8.2, March 2, 2011

What's New:
  • window chasers!


  • Direct Chan back and forth descriptive Dock ↔ description of a projector in the List.
  • there is now one MasterLock, which is the first fader met in Full Lock from the left


  • extension of midi assignments: Tables assignment double in size (2048 entries) So do not worry about loading shows from previous versions.
  • window that returns info in backup only appears if there is a concern to the loading or saving (aka versions and adaptations of missing files)
  • report time information in return info part


  • Integrated ARDUINO UNO (the resources folder/arduino/ includes a script for the 2009

Version 18 and running a script to UNO in Version 22.) The UNO needs 10 seconds before issuing its data during the first opening of White Cat.


  • autoclose function (XX) of the window to let the window stay open or not to enable entering a series of descriptions, addition of an annotation mode for memory. Click the ANN box to start the mode. The text assigned to a memory becomes an annotation (gray). This function allows you to give two different types of information (stage name and location).


  • Chasers and Minifaders. Be careful not to Go Back for now.


  • saw behavior: do not start driving when dry charged, set mouse click Saw / Fader, MiniFaders, MidiIn, Banger, Arduino
  • function modify/type color
  • bar fader position recovered on starting


  • Set At: levels are now identical in setAt Banger and the actual level of the fader
  • SetFader in DC did not write in the CueList.


  • bug black screen SHIFT-TAB SHIFT-ENTER left supported


  • limited to 512 channels display


  • RECALL on ALL AT ZERO functions does not work
  • Display stop pos not refreshed properly

0.8.1, 15 January 2011



  • refining work-around procedures of midi (addition of a key to specify each note key-off)
  • Adding a visualization of the original signal + the result faked.


  • bug banger timing
  • limiting the # of bangers from 1 to 127
  • init set to start (bug de-triggering banger 73 at startup)
  • set cue audio player


  • delay in starting a crossfade when the crossfade link was not active
  • clean memory name, auto and banger go to create a new memory on top of an old erased memory.


  • Direct CH did not rise above 254 channels
  • Direct CH 0
  • Direct flash CH
  • fader Locke applies its value to Direct CH
  • fader levels “Ghosts”: cleaning buffer of each Fader when assigning different families (direct CH/sub/Memory/Color.


  • control the pitch by a fader
  • limited to 127 audio file in a folder


  • recovery of the midi assignment on the numpad and big commands.


  • level of up arrow goes to full at 0%
  • check + channel takes into account the level given in the setup
  • clean buffers of each fader when loading another type in a dock (DCH, Color)
  • Position the List window at the opening of WCAT
  • ARTNET conf raised concern (consequence of a bug in banger)
  • Export pdf Patch
  • Number of audioplayers in save/load
  • Display of origin/destination of Last Save (came from a pipe imported from ascii/saved under another name, exported in ASCII)
  • check dimmer bug (result of a bug in banger).

0.8, November 14, 2010

What's New:
* Arduino (2009 and earlier)
* light feedback to launchpad
* minifaders window (shift-F10)
  • simplification of midi assignments
  • Adding a Flash Loop/unloop and LoopAll/unloopAll
  • banger: addition of a Load and Play Audio in a single operation (1 = Val Val player 2 = file)
  • setting window minifaders and dislaying AllAtZero and Lock Preset in this window
  • windows system and transparent clicks
  • bug reassigning midi set
  • removed temporary backup (because of instability with VVVV and various backups)
  • banger, multiple goes and setting time to start one banger
  • pdf export: time stored in docks were reversed IN/OUT, 4 September 2010

Major correction (bug backups).

What's New:
  • multicore: assignment to a Core of White Cat
  • Network improvements options for art-net (port in and out, IP address detection etc.)
  • automation of a temporary backup (tmp file) every x minutes (minimum 3 minutes). If something bad happens, you can reload the tmp show through the window save.
  • export ascii ok, debug backup and end records 0K

First put online August 2010:

  • minifaders (General view) and flash
  • Direct-channel mode for faders (link fader channel/driving)
  • curves are also assignable faders (including sound), and can be assigned through banger
  • automation of a temporary backup (tmp file) every x minutes (minimum 3 minutes). If something bad happens, you can load tmp show through the window save
  • an interface for the 127 Banger can trigger them manually with the mouse, or make them goback by reclicking the above. This goback n is possible that the overall time of Banger. If it has very short stock, calibrate Bang Stay-on in 3 or 5 seconds, or whatever you want, in the CFG menu
  • Creation of a backup file called general parameters in the users folder

   * Possible disabling of the grand master in the general setup. Important if you work with vvvv Past, if you have channels calling presets …    * In addition preset options of midi to signal inversion (0-127 / 127-0)    * Audio: preload option in the CFG menu is read for loading or not of the an audio file in a player    * Reference midi and stop pos return: n values ​​were not good    * Banger: debug Bang manual it does not correctly time the bursts of events. To test and see if c is ok (verify the manual setting via CueList). CueList has not been touched.    * Windows system and faders space: end of porting system windows ca seems ok    * SAVE: backup files with 0 kbytes. In a second backup under a different name, whitecat created files 0 kB.    * PATCH side arrows or arrows + lateral control are taken into account in the assignment of dimmers    * EXPORT ASCII: a typo in the code version was causing the problem

First put online in July 2010:

  • Wizard menu to modify memories and channels in batches

   * Displacement function keys ctrl-c and ctrl-v on the numpad    * Added a CFG menu for various settings that receive particular vision change dmx /%, the display flashing circuits, setting the levels of the up down keys, and the default time    * Change the calculation of step up and down levels    * Audio window: number of readers (1/2/3 or 4) selectable from the menu General CFG    * Limiting the movement of the mouse in a fader when clicked: in faders, cuelist, accelerometer faders    * Addition of midi assignments to the Cuelist: Create Mem, Delete Mem, Stage - / +, Preste - / +    * Grand master fader added to the slider bar was not activated (due to the redesign of the system of windows)    * CueList: refresh the CueList set ctrl-W/X and its equivalent mouse Training + / - Preset + / - during crossfade or pause

First time online, June 2010:

   * Export pdf: Export of text no longer exists.    * Import ascii: the Cuelist refreshes on import/inversion of time/ clean driving in memory> time is the question of in and out time. Pdf export *. Export text no longer exists       * Visibility of scroll bars in Faders


First put online 30 May 2010:

  * Audioplayers : whitecat now includes four built-in audio player, controllable by midi, that can be incorporated in memories via bangers .   * Creation of a single window for CFG . It includes CFG DMX / DMX- IN / MIDI CFG / CFG NETWORK / ARTNET > DOCK   * Dmx is operating without license. only backup (classical or export ascii) is subject to a license. load a show, import conduct are accessible without the license.   * Shift F3: creation of memories using Report (masters + stage), only onstage

  • add sending Ctrl-Change Vel Ctrl- 0 and Channel Change by midi, where the pitch and velocity are parameterized
  • remote midi buttons Bang it , Navigation + - bangers and solos
  • addition of a clear function of a complete audio player
  • addition of a level wheel in relative or absolute mode for midi control
  • remote midi buttons
  • possibility of automatically un-assigning controls caused by exotic commands
  • The pin assignment remains active once after activation given

   * Big commands and calls to windows are midi controllable    * time window fully assignable to midi (rotos/buttons), send midi out to the time wheel

  • remote fader its
  • stopPos (stop the LFO)
  • the horizontal scrollbar is assignable to midi (ctrl-change)
  • DoubleDMX option for intrefaces USB: DMX and art-net output can now be sent simultaneously, allowing owners of USB DMX interfaces to work with third-party software in art-net
  • in user/config_dmx the file to specify the refresh rate to one interface, and the DMX refresh rate in
  • In off the receiving of net-art
  • Enhanced system windows (overlap and transparencies). PGDOWN used to navigate the active windows. CTRL-PDDOWN can call solo windows.
 * Changing of the encryption key. 


  • bangs when the in/out times were different, they caused a problem. redesign of the algorithm
  • tripping bang solo set (bug in versions and


  • up arrow and high wheel will now go to 100%
  • keyboard enter key num set to escape fashion


  • Decommissioning possible bangs on all the memories when CueList (previous position, preset and following)

  * highlighting in red for assignment of midi.


  • locked: LFO from levels continued to be active despite the lock. When you lock in below 100% LFO is off.
  • View mode: when a fader is always emptied apparassait circuits in space.

   * goback banger: the goback is now active throughout the duration of the transfer go


  • bug in the partial loading preventing them from moving elsewhere after driving set loading
  • system backup files to txt (sequences_conf, audio_conf, …, etc.)


First put online 29 March 2010:

     * Banger      * Porting DMX following interfaces:Sunlite 8C in + out/USB DMX512Online.net      * Added a grand master, midi controllable      * Patch : simplify the patch with the mouse/Check dimmers      * Control of faders space now includes two areas : left horizontal traction, right vertical traction.      * The IN and OUT simultaneously on two Enttec pros works, however the 0.7.6 release will be a different approach to management Enttec PRO (too much latency with IN)      * Blinking channels now is off . To activate it and see if it changes in relation to the level recorded in memory or preset scene, you must click [view on change]

  • set the display time in tenths for séquenciel and masters
  • debugged, the stage-/+ and the preset-/+ (a concern for file archives to give up bugs fixed long ago) buttons


First put online 2 February 2010:

   * optimizing code for 80% of small machines    * added intelligent input (most deselects when a level has been assigned)    * debugged import ascii conduct in the case of circuits> 512 that crashed curves    * midiIN mute (keyboard ctrl F11)   


First put online 29 December 2009:

 * locks preset  * control assignments to faders of midi-do-commands  * assignment F1 F2 F3 F4 and Time panel shortcut faders  * end of the debugging CueList with the mouse


Debug version 25 December 2009:

 * lock since behrinhger raffraichissment values   * CueList mouse refreshes memory after crossfade  * enlargement of the sensitive area of the mouse to Xfade  * midi assignment to the color wheel

First time online : 21 December 2009

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