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Ligne 22: Ligne 22:
   *  **Insert memories:** this disappears FROM MEMORY.   *  **Insert memories:** this disappears FROM MEMORY.
-===== KEYBOARD ===== 
-  *  The ESC key may not work after using the CONTROL key (pb > KB_CTRL_FLAG). To reset [ESC] use [F1]. 
-===== CTRL-S or calling the SAVE menu ===== 
-  * On some machines, even recent ones, CTRL-S or a call to the Save menu locks up the graphics card. 
 ===== CUELIST ===== ===== CUELIST =====
Ligne 41: Ligne 32:
   * Review the entire communication system to make it more fluid.   * Review the entire communication system to make it more fluid.
-===== ART-NET ​=====+===== ARTNET ​=====
   * ArtPoll (search for Art-Net nodes on the network) no longer works.   * ArtPoll (search for Art-Net nodes on the network) no longer works.
-===== DRAW =====+======= TO DO / PLANNED =======
-  * On iPhone (not iPad) problem drawing the matrix. +-Mover For enslaving moving lights
-IPad, iPad refresh the matrix works with active matrix in the Draw window, not with a non-displayed matrix (number 1, 2, etc ...).+
-===== MOVER =====+-channel times
-  * On iPad with BIG area tracking moverproblem scale or position.+-wizardinclude faders, but also dynamic content in the channel functions
-=====FANTASTICK=====+-function pick up (pick a specific chaser, precise fader, a config icat midi or in another show)
-  * Review the set of remote controls supplied for iPhone and iPad: the keys are too close together.+-Go to 1024 circuits
-======TO DO/​PLANNED======+-add 16 bits for crossfades
--Using OpenLayer to change the compiler+-mapping customizable keyboard
--Mover for selected groups+-a universal midi mapper with integrated presets
--Channel times+-timeline
--Wizard: include faders, but also dynamic content in the channel functions+===== DRIVERS ENTTEC =====
--Function pick-up (pick a specific chasera specific fader or a midi config icat in another show)+  * Use FTDI drivers for faster communication 
 +  * CFG: Assign COM Port numbers by handnot automatically (especially for ENTTEC PRO MK2)
--Extend to 1024 channels+====== Revision History ======
--Add 16-bit crossfades+=== 0.8.6, May 6, 2014 ===
--Customizable keyboard mapping+0.8.6 Spring Power
--A midi-mapper with integrated universal presets+improvements:​
 +* White Cat now runs on ultra portable and small machines, thanks to the efforts of Anton, and Georges Ruiserge
 +Backups and Layouts:
 +* A backup even named WhiteCat Teleco Phone allows you to have in hand a set configured for iCat and Touch OSC, with most of the necessary functions for a concert.
 +* Creation of 2 layouts (one for phone, Tablet) for TouchOSC in the Resources folder / TouchOSC /
-===== DRIVERS ENTTEC =====+audio: 
 +* Smoothing of Stop Audio players, crests disappearance of the crests.
-  * Use FTDI drivers for faster communication +Banger: 
-  CFG: Assign COM Port numbers by hand, not automatically (especially ​for ENTTEC PRO MK2)+Adding Loop functions ​for a live recording of manual manipulation. You can record live DRAW and all faders movement.
-====== ​Revision History ​======+opensource:​ 
 +* Github waiting for you, if you want to help us spread White Cat in the Linux world and Mac! [[https://​github.com/​ChristophGuillermet/​whitecat_crossplateform|Github WhiteCat]] 
 +== Debug==  
 +   * Plot counting projectors 
 +   * Window Manager 
 +   * Command midi Next/Prev file no longer crashes White Cat 
 +   * Draw 
 +===, October 11, 2013 === 
 +== Debug==  
 +* CFG NETWORK: If the server or the client was not artnet ON, was crashing White Cat to rescan (pb IP addresses do not appear) 
 +* Audio Bug cleaned on spitting. We returned to a linear curve. 
 +==Improvements ==  
 +* Proc. visual CueList
 ===0.8.4, 21 July 2013=== ===0.8.4, 21 July 2013===
 First release 14 July First release 14 July
 +** WHITE CAT becomes OPEN SOURCE** ​ and **the licensing system disappears **! And yes White Cat will remain free!
 == WHAT'S NEW: == == WHAT'S NEW: ==
Ligne 96: Ligne 116:
 == CHANGES: == == CHANGES: ==
 +== Modifications:​==
Ligne 727: Ligne 749:
 First time online : 21 December 2009 First time online : 21 December 2009
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