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Install White Cat

Format of the downloaded file

  • White Cat is downloaded as a .zip archive.
  • There is no installation program.
  • This is intentional in terms of simplicity (you can use a flash drive to launch the program), and management of the update versions of White Cat (the betas keep coming every quarter).
  • This also allows you to have several different versions of White Cat on the same computer, when you have shows with very different hardware configurations, or created with different versions (séries 0.7, 0.8)


  • White Cat must be unzipped directly under the root directory of your hard drive ( C:/ D:/ ).
  • Avoid using White Cat from your desktop or a folder with accent marks and/or spaces in its name.
  • Some users may be fooled by the interface of Windows Seven: it may appear that you can browse and open folders and files from a compressed archive. But the first indication that this won't work will be when you try to launch the program, and it displays the message: Can't Load DooM.ttf and then stops.
  • If this happens to you, you have tried to start White Cat from a compressed archive or from a folder with accent marks and spaces it its name.
  • To unzip: right click on the archive > Extract all > and select the location under to root C:/ or D:/


Vista and Seven:

  • Once the archive is unzipped, go to the folder that was just created
  • Select the executable of White Cat > right click > choose properties


  • Go to the Compatibility tab > Check Windows XP et Run this program as an administrator > click Apply and then > Ok


  • This will notify Windows that this program will save files, load them, and send and receive information via DMX and ethernet. If this is not done, it is highly possible that Windows may block White Cat in an impromptu way, and not necessarily just at the startup of White Cat.

Management of the firewalls

It is necessary that we allow White Cat to get through the firewall of Windows and the firewalls of any antivirus programs installed on your machine.

These programs might try to block the opening of the ports that White Cat needs to transmit and receive dmx via the ethernet, and the remote control by iPhone/iPad.

  • When you first launch White Cat, a small window appears asking if you want to allow White Cat to execute.
  • You must say yes and ask that your choice be remembered.

This management of the firewalls depends on what is loaded on your machine.

Some programs allow you to manually add a program, and can also block the UDP protocols of DMX art-net and remote iPhone).

Normally, you should not have to worry about that for a simple first use.

Launching White Cat

You can now launch White Cat.

To create a shortcut on your desktop:

  • Select the executable White Cat file.
  • Right click > choose to create a shortcut
  • Place this shortcut on the taskbar or on the desktop

Install the DMX and midi drivers

You can transmit DMX with a DMX-USB interface, but you must first install the driver on the computer. See DMX Configuration

For the midi interface, this is generally understood by Windows to be a generic program. so the installation is done automatically without requiring access to the internet.

For certain devices, it is necessary to install a specific driver, furnished by the manufacturer. In that case, always download from that site the most up-to-date version of the driver.

When you plug a device into a USB port and the driver is not installed, you will get a window like this:


When the device has been correctly installed, it will display this:


You can also check the Device Manager to see if your devices are installed correctly or not:

  • Right Click on My Computer > choose properties > choose Device Manager

A device that is not working correctly will display an “attention” icon:


In General:

  • Before the first installation of DMX drivers, launch Windows update, in order to have the operating system as stable as possible: Program Bar > All Programs > Windows Update > Download important updates > Download > Install > Restart.
  • Verify if there are more important updates in Windows Update. This operation should be done when connected to power and not on batteries.
  • It is best to allow the automatic installation of drivers. You will need to be connected to the internet. Do this at home when you will not be disturbed.
  • It is imperative to connect your interface to each USB port of your computer, so that the driver is connected on each port (and yes!)
  • This precaution is necessary, notably if you have launched White Cat, and tried to connect (without success) to the interface. If the driver is not installed on this USB port, the application window does not appear above White Cat. In that case, we must quit White Cat, in order to correctly install the driver. This will make it possible to safely do a hot connect or hot disconnect.
  • This also applies if you use a USB HUB. You are obligated to check all your ports so there is no need to reinstall drivers on the USB port in question.
  • If you go on international tours, it would be a good idea to download the most recent installer from the manufacturer on a flash drive.
  • If you install a driver with an installer, run it with administrator rights (right click on the the installer > choose run in administrator mode)
  • After the installation of drivers, restart the computer, so that all changes are properly registered in Windows.


Standby mode must be disabled. White Cat has many low priority tasks (notably the management of dmx and midi) that you will block by putting the computer in standby mode. These sub tasks should have priority over most other processes of windows. Therefore disable the standby mode:

  • Control Panel > Display small icons > Power Options > Edit the profile of your computer by saying NEVER for putting the batteries in standby
  • Never close down (put in standby) while White Cat is still open

Optimization of ressources

White Cat is a resource hungry program.

If you have problems with erratic, jerky mouse movements, the problem can be solved in several ways:

Graphic Display Management

  • With Vista and Seven, remove Aero > right click the desktop > choose customize
  • Then select the Windows Classic theme
  • It is so pretty, here is XP, but you gain ressources


  • If this is not enough, switch the display to 16 bits > right click the desktop > display properties > display 16 bits

Management of the processor

  • In White Cat, go to CFG Menu > CORE
  • Edit parameters of the Main Loop: the smaller the number, the less White Cat refreshes the display. Type the number > click the mainloop
  • Changing the parameter of the main loop allows you to find a compromise for your machine, between fluid graphics and CPU usage.
  • Commonly a setting of 10 provides fluid movement for the mouse and a processor than uses between 20% (i5) and 60%(DualCore) of its power.
  • When you have found the best compromise > click SAVE CFG


  • If you have a problem doing this with the mouse, close White Cat (SHIFT F12) and manually edit the parameter of the main loop in the user file Config_Core.txt, 3d line, 3d argument


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