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White Cat:

registered trademark at INPI

Software protected by APP, IDDN.FR.001.500011.000.R.P.2009.000.30645


This is as always a work in progress, but up to date as of 21 March 2016.

A special thanks to Jody Briggs for his strong, constant and gentle collaboration to make this documentation understandable to English users ! I think that without him, we wouldn't have such a clear doctor !


White Cat Beta 0.8.6/ SPRING POWER May 2014

White Cat has discontinued the licenses, and will remain permanently open and free. Open source implementation: August 2013.

Project has been actually developed by christoph guillermet, a french light and video designer in theatre and dance.

With opensourcing Georges Khaznadar , Anton Langhoff, RuiSerge have enabled White Cat to evolve.

With their help, White Cat can now work on notebooks, which was not the case with earlier versions, up until 0.8.4.

We are hoping that some LINUXians and MACians will join this little community to help this project along so that it will work completely cross-platform.

Code and Open Source


  • Video tutorials: The video tutorials will allow you to quickly understand how to use White Cat. Unfortunately, they are in French! but by watching the video you will get an overview of the approach. They are not as complete and up to date as this wiki: http://www.le-chat-noir-numerique.fr/videos.html


White Cat is a software program dedicated to lighting for theatre, dance, and concerts using Windows. Mac users can use it with BootCamp.

White Cat works with many DMX512 interfaces, that you plug into your computer.

Dimmers can then be controlled by your PC.

White Cat is being developed by christoph guillermet, a French lighting and video designer, working in contemporary theatre and dance.

The previous app developed by Christoph, Schwartzpeter, is still freely available, under GPL license. But as of September 2009, it is no longer being maintained or developed.

White Cat is now also free under an LGPL license.

Global Orientation

The White Cat design strives to be simple to use, and to give lighting technicians, lighting designers, videos artists and artists in general, a comfortable, easy, and useful tool that works in many environmental and work situations.

-Manual approach (Masters , Video tracking)

-Cue approach (Cue List and Automations)

-Multi-software approach (Midi messaging and remote control, dmx In and Art-Net merging )


This documentation is a wiki. A new HTML document is imported at each new White Cat release, and is located in the /doc folder.

The main advantage of a wiki document is to be able to quickly modify and extend with development, debugging, and for writing new add-ons. It is possible that the online documentation may mention options, ways to do things, or contain snapshots that do not match the latest downloaded White Cat version, but are part of a future version.

It's kitchen work, … but it's quick, which I take to mean that there is not all that much attention to detail.

Complete Documentation

Grand Master and DMX Buffers
Manipulating Channels and Dimmers
Manipulating Masters
Transverse Commands
Dynamic contents
Memories and Cross-fades
Saves and Import/Export
Remote Controllers
Hardware Configurations
Useful Items
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