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 +====== Developers'​ Corner====== ​
 +===== Doxygen Documentation===== ​
 +Doxygen takes only tenths of a secondle to make a complete technical documentation of your software, based on standardized writing comments in the source. See [[documentation_doxygen | documentation for Doxygen]], setting the stage for our work.
 +===== Recipes for Git===== ​
 +Git allows efficient work by many hands. This system is used by the direct contributors to the Linux kernel, and ... it works.
 +In the [[Recipes for Git | recipes for Git]], we will add simple methods to survive and more. The page is structured in two parts, one for command line use, the other for use with graphical environments.
 +===== Goals that we could target in January 2014 =====
 +   - Developing specific metadata for each file: license, authors
 +   - Exchange of "best practices"​ between people who use the GitHub repository simultaneously. The goal is to never lose control of a "​working"​ version, while it undertakes modifications.
 +   - Discussions to assess the challenges ahead
 +   - And as they say, "A picture is worth a thousand words"
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